Care at Millie

Holistic and human-centered care guiding you from preconception, through postpartum, and into early parenthood.

Now open: The Millie clinic

Millie is a new kind of maternity clinic, built by moms and care providers who’ve been there. Our in-person clinic brings you complete, continuous, and compassionate care starting just 48 hours after a positive pregnancy test through the first year of a child’s life.

Maternity care

We will bill your insurance provider for these visits. Learn more about what plans we accept on our FAQs page or give us a call.
Please email us at if you have any questions or if your desired appointment time isn't available. We will fit you in!

Informational call

If you would like to learn more about Millie before establishing care with us or transferring to us mid-pregnancy, this call is for you! We'll walk through what to expect from your care and support team, from prenatal through birth and postpartum. We can answer any non-clinical questions on the spot and follow up right away with answers to specific clinical questions.

15 minutes

Meet us virtually

This Zoom call with a midwife is for those who are less than 8 weeks pregnant, but would like to establish care with us. This is an opportunity to learn about your options, ask questions, and/or discuss symptoms. Afterward, we will set you up for a confirmation of pregnancy appointment in our clinic at 8 weeks of pregnancy or a different visit option that is right for you.

30 minutes

Confirmation of pregnancy

If it's been at least 8 weeks since your last menstrual period and you feel ready to begin your prenatal care with Millie, this visit is for you! During this in-person visit, we'll confirm your pregnancy via lab tests and ultrasound, get to know you holistically, and go over your care options and any questions you may have about your pregnancy. Afterwards, we'll match you up with your Millie Guide (a practicing doula) and set you up on the Millie app to keep you supported between visits.

1 hour

Virtual care

Virtual care services are available to anyone in the United States, you do not need to be an in-clinic patient to use these services. Please email us at if your desired appointment time isn't available and we will fit you in!
Gift certificates for virtual care can be purchased here.

Preconception, pregnancy & postpartum coaching

Preconception counseling

Preconception counseling is one of the best ways to prepare for getting pregnant. A Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) will walk you through evidence-based ways to improve chances, factors that can be challenging, and anything else you’d like to know.

45 minutes


Birth preference planning

Labor and delivery are vulnerable times. Establishing birth preferences can help you feel prepared and have more ownership over your experience. This exercise, guided by a practicing doula, takes you through what to expect, scenarios, and choices to make — from who’s in the room to pain management.

45 minutes


Postpartum planning

Make the abstract tangible with a practicing doula. They’ll help you understand a day in postpartum life, establish parenting roles in your family, know what items to keep on hand, and answer questions about postpartum (recovery, nutrition, and more) and infant care (sleep, feeding, and more).

45 minutes


Lactation support

Prenatal lactation consultation

Planning on breastfeeding/chestfeeding? Meet with a certified Lactation Consultant before the baby is born to learn about those first few weeks of nursing and set realistic expectations. This is also an opportunity to address known challenges (like inverted nipples) or come up with a game plan to induce lactation.

45 minutes


Postpartum lactation consultation

Schedule an hour-long session with a certified Lactation Consultant to problem-solve your nursing experience — including dealing with low or excess milk supply, mastitis, nipple pain, latching issues, tongue-tie, and more — and plan for the transition to pumping or weaning.

60 minutes


Postpartum lactation follow-up

In this 45-minute follow-up session with a certified Lactation Consultant, check in with how you’re feeling about nursing, pumping, weaning, or wherever you’re at on your infant-feeding journey. You can also use this time to rethink your plan or even consider other options.

45 minutes


Mental health and relationship support

Individual therapy session

This session includes clinical assessment, treatment planning and intervention. The therapist will work with the client to identify areas which require increased support, then collaborate with the client to find customized solutions with practical applications to offer relief and a sense of empowerment in the prenatal and postpartum stages of the birthing journey.

50 minutes


Couples therapy session

This session includes psychoeducation on adult attachment and vulnerable communication. Frequently couples sessions support the couple around sex and intimacy, shifting family dynamics and parenting support.

50 minutes


Nutrition counseling

The “main course” nutrition consultation

Spend an hour with a Registered Dietitian (RD) to get the 101 on nutrition, a basic nutrition assessment, supplement recommendations (including which recs are just noise), and recipes personalized for your life and needs.

60 minutes


The “a la carte” nutrition follow-up

We designed this 30-minute session as a follow-up to the “main course” consultation for anyone who wants to check in with their nutritional goals, see how those goals are showing up in their daily lives, and reassess where they’re at nutritionally.

30 minutes


The “whole meal” nutrition package

Dive even deeper in two sessions with an RD, starting with an hour on nutrition fundamentals for pregnancy/postpartum, an assessment of your current nutrition status, personalized goal setting and meal planning, and supplement recommendations. We’ll check back in with a 30-minute follow-up.

90 minutes total