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Sarah Ferguson

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Originally hailing from South Central Los Angeles, I currently reside in the Bay Area, California.

Community Roles:
- Student Midwife
- Community Organizer
- Rhetorician
- Abortion Doula Trainer & Reproductive Health Educator
- Full-Spectrum Birthworker
- Olorisha
- Speaker

I've been a dedicated community organizer and abortion doula since my teenage years. My
primary focus is on establishing accessible and culturally relevant models of care.

As the creator of @birthingtheblock and the facilitator of the All Bodies. All Reasons. All
Outcomes full-spectrum abortion doula training, I am committed to pushing boundaries and
redefining norms.

I actively present and advocate across the country, shedding light on reproductive health
disparities, experiences, and traditions within Black communities. My emphasis lies in
reproductive justice, harm reduction, and effective organizing.

I interpret love and solidarity as actionable verbs, demanding intentional efforts to build
communities across differences. A fundamental aspect of my work is to act as an accomplice,
fostering solidarity and community building with fellow accomplices.