We built Millie because we can do better

Getting pregnant, being pregnant, and giving birth are hard enough on their own… so why does the U.S. healthcare system have to make them even harder?
As moms and care providers, we know the current system is broken. The incomplete, reactive, and often over-medicalized care it provides can leave us feeling unsupported and vulnerable — and it is why we have some of the worst outcomes in the high-income world.

We all deserve to give our families the strongest start. And we can do a lot better than today’s “standard.” So, we built Millie.

What we believe

We trust you with your body.

We put you at the center of your experience because we believe in both human intuition and clinical excellence.

We go beyond the “standard.”

We broaden the definition of care beyond only the clinical to include your emotional, mental, and educational support needs.

We are proactive.

We guide you through the journey, proactively surfacing answers to questions so you can feel confident.

We are inclusive by design.

We prioritized creating a culturally competent team and care model that reflects and honors all experiences.

We strive for health equity.

We aim to make care accessible by being where the needs are, accepting insurance, and offering virtual care options.

We believe in technology.

We power your care with 21st century technology that knits together a unified experience and promotes better outcomes.

Our values

We trust birthing people.

We put people at the center of their experiences so they can find the right, and best, answers for their own health and values.

We strive for health equity.

We make care more accessible by accepting most insurance plans, Medi-Cal, and offering virtual visits.

We are proactive.

We surface answers before people even know the questions for a richer understanding of all of the available options.

We are inclusive by design.

From how we built Millie to who we built it for, we created an experience that reflects and honors all experiences.

We see the big picture.

We broaden the scope of care beyond the clinical incorporate people’s emotional and educational needs.

We go beyond the “standards.”

We aim to be comprehensive and over-deliver. Current standards are fragmented and one-dimensional.

What’s possible with Millie

Most of pregnancy happens between visits — and parents need care long after the baby comes home. Millie brings you the support and knowledge you need before you know you need it.

Collaborative care

At Millie, midwives care for you with physician consultation when medically necessary. Our model unites human-centered care with clinical best practices.

No need to wait to book your first visit

We know what it feels like to get that positive pregnancy test. You don’t have to wait until 8-10 weeks to meet with someone. Book your first virtual visit with a midwife any time.

1:1 doula education

Every trimester, your dedicated guide (who is also a practicing doula) will walk you through important topics like creating birth and postpartum preference plans.

Ongoing access to your care team

We offer virtual visits when in-person isn't medically necessary for convenience and accessibility. Your care team is also always available between visits via the Millie app.

Remote health monitoring

No more googling symptoms or “is this normal?” Digital health checks and at-home monitoring tools promote early detection of complications to give you more peace of mind.

In-app tools, education + support

Our app delivers expert-created resources before you even know to ask for them. Plus, our ecosystem of providers spans specialties to meet the full spectrum of your care needs.

Home postpartum visit

Instead of one postpartum visit at six weeks, we offer three. The first happens at home — just a few days after birth, when a member of your care team will check in on you.

There for you through the first year

New parenthood can bring up a lot of questions. Get answers through the first year with access to your care team, expert consults, in-app curriculum, and a peer community.

Meet our team

Anu Sharma

Founder & CEO

Talia Borgo

Co-founder & Clinical Director

Sarah Reynolds

Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer

Patricia Bevitz

Director of Clinical Operations

Terese Tatum


Holly Puritz, MD


Steve Linesch


Maternity care created by birthing people, for birthing people.

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