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Aqueelah Tillman




Born in Oakland, Aqueelah has been actively involved in community efforts to support postpartum and lactation care for marginalized individuals. Aqueelah wants her patients to know that their care will be personalized, their views supported, and their voices heard. 

Aqueelah brings almost 10 years of clinical experience, specializing in providing care for the most vulnerable newborns in a level four intensive care nursery. Aqueelah was previously at UCLA, UCSF, and Stanford Children’s Health. 


Her passion for maternal health stems from her desire to assist individuals holistically as they welcome new life as well as her commitment to alleviating healthcare disparities in maternal and neonatal care through advocacy for policy change.

Aqueelah received her BSN in Nursing from Drexel University, and her Masters in Midwifery and Women’s Health from Georgetown University.

The idea of meeting individuals where they are in their communities enables us as healthcare providers to better understand their unique needs and involve them in their care. This allows us to treat the whole person. I joined Millie because I wanted to be part of a community-focused healthcare team. A team that is committed to empowering individuals, providing accessible care, and improving maternity care outcomes.