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Cynthia Banks



English, Spanish

Cynthia loves stepping into the intimate, transformative space of birth. Her trauma-informed approach centers the birthing person, so that they can feel safe, seen, and supported. She considers it a deep honor to do this work, and her passion and love shine through in every interaction.

With 20+ years of experience, Cynthia has caught over 1200 babies in a wide range of settings, including busy hospitals in Chicago and San Francisco and a birth center in Texas. Prior to joining Millie, Cynthia spent 8 years leading a successful home birth practice in the Bay Area. She sees the Millie Clinic as a place where she can bring the best of all she’s learned on her midwifery journey. 

Cynthia actively participates in local and state initiatives to expand access to high-quality, and ideally, racially-concordant, midwifery care across all birth settings to address the health disparities which result from structural racism. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, gardening, cooking, and traveling with her daughter.

Cynthia received her Masters degree in Nursing and Midwifery from the Yale University School of Nursing.